Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

This morning I stumbled upon an article announcing a new baby doll for your little girls. "Another new doll?" I thought. Well, I'm always in the market for a new doll for my granddaughters so, I began reading the article and to my absolute surprise, I read where this new doll is designed to breastfeed! Yes, you heard me correctly, a new breastfeeding doll for your little girl! It comes complete with artificial nipples for the little girls to wear!

I was taken aback... I mean, WOW! When I was a little girl, we spent hours playing contentedly with our dolls that would cry, say "Mama", and was wonderfully 'weighted' to feel real. Then, when my own daughters were growing up, more new dolls came along that were designed to eat, burp, pee, and poo.

But now, in my granddaughter's innocent baby doll days, we have yet another dimension to stretching their impressionable little imaginations by pretending motherhood with a breastfeeding babydoll!

O.K. Folks, REALLY???
THINK NOW!... I ask you, do we really need dolls that breast feed?

Well, I forwarded the email to a few select close friends, both male and female, and asked them this same question. Some of these friends have little girls that would fit this particular age level, and here is one of the responses I received. Don't worry, I have her permission to share her response with you below:

"Oh, my gosh!!! And the halter top with the strategic 'flower nipples' is worn by the little girl?!?!?!? That's so messed up. That is so, so messed up! I'm sorry, but I am 26 and PREGNANT for the first time and the idea of me breastfeeding is wierd. If I found out my six year old kid was 'breastfeeding' their babydoll, I would want to sue somebody. Just watching the video of the doll made me blush. I repeat, so messed up. When you're 6-8 years old and only 3-6 years away from learning things like that about your body, and you find out that your friends at school are 'breastfeeding' their pretend little one, what kind of messed up stuff does that do to your head? Hormones are raging just a couple of years beyond that, and this toy encourages the 'pretending' just a little too far. Just watching that little 6 year old girl put that baby doll up to her chest made me instantly boil with rage!"

Well, this gal definitely has a strong opnion...
As for me, you won't see me rushing out anytime soon to get this doll for any of my granddaughters!

Alright now, what are your thoughts?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

T.E.A. Anyone?

Driving through Branson Missouri yesterday, on April 15th, with my daughter, my 3 year old granddaughter, and the other mother in law (which is a good friend of mine), we witnessed hundreds of people who had proudly committed their day to peaceful protest against Obama's tax plan by joining the T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already Party).

Some of the protesters were waving comical signs that literally caused us to laugh out loud, others held signs that gave reason for a deep sobering concern for what is currently happening in our country. Other folks simply stood proudly waving the United States Flag in honor of our loved ones who have and are still serving in the military to protect our rights, the freedom, and future of this great country.

One man in particular stood in the median passing out small 4x7 inch U.S. Flags which I gave to my 3 year old granddaughter for her to wave from her car seat. She did. In fact it was one of the highlights of her day. She waved it proudly, clear up until the moment she lost it out the window. Indeed a memory she will never forget. Nor will I.

Beneath the innocence of her youth, I could not help but look at her and realize that it is her generation that will bear the weight of our current financial demise. It is her generation whose future is at stake.

Truth is, I am not alone. Nor are the folks in Branson, Missouri. Their actions echoed numerous tax payers all over the U.S. who are tired, no, let me rephrase that, exhausted of higher taxes being the source of relief and survival. You can read about some of the comments made by participants of this weeks T.E.A. Party assemblies here.

But - none the less...Obama is the one in the spotlight now.

So tell me honestly, did people really think Obama and his selected administration would take any other approach to fixing the financial troubles than taxing people to the third degree, or should I say third generation?

What is your opinion?